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Reasons for Veterans to consider a trucking career!

First and foremost, we at Transwood want to give a big thank to you all the Veterans out there! We truly appreciate your service. Now Veterans, what’s next? If you haven’t thought about your next career path, a truck driver would be a great option! Veterans make the best trucker and we’ll tell you why.  […]


Your guide to roadside inspections

Roadside inspections are among a truck driver’s least favorite things, however, they are essential for keeping your trucks in tip-top shape. Ensuring your fleet’s trucks are in the best condition can help keep truckers and those they share the road with safe.  Understanding the different aspects of roadside inspections in the trucking industry can help […]

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Beating the heat – Avoiding heat related illnesses in the trucking industry

For some truckers, extreme heat can typically become an afterthought, but as summer temperatures continue to rise the risk of heat related illness rises as well.  Heat exhaustion results from dehydration when the body has been depleted of salt and fluids. If you are constantly exposed to high temperatures and lack of fluids, heat exhaustion […]


Five signs trucking is the career for you

In June, the trucking industry showed a major sector growth for the third consecutive month this year. Over 24,000 careers were fulfilled in the trucking industry which is an increase of over 3,000 careers since May!  Since January 2019, the trucking industry continues to steadily rise in the amount of career fulfilled and opportunities in […]

How to balance your work/family life

Work/Life balance. We’ve all heard this term before. With life and work constantly happening and never slowing down, it is imperative to understand that work/life balance in the trucking industry is critical for a physically and mentally healthy trucker on the road.  It can be difficult for truckers to maintain a proper work and family […]


4th of July Trucking Safety

Fireworks, barbeques, summer heat: yes the Fourth of July is here once again! As many people are celebrating our country’s Independence Day, that means a lot of people will be traveling. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), almost 50 million people travel on the road over the Fourth of July holiday period. There are […]

Trucking industry safety during tornado season

Being a truck driver is hard work when you think about all the factors that go into driving a big rig. When you throw natural disasters like flooding or tornadoes into the mix everything else just gets a little more complicated. With the amount of tornadoes on the rise in the U.S., it’s more important […]