Tips for surviving your first year as a truck driver

Starting a new career is nerve racking regardless of which industry you are in. Although it will be challenging, knowing what to expect can help you get through your first year as a trucker. 

Five signs trucking is the career for you

In June, the trucking industry showed a major sector growth for the third consecutive month this year. Over 24,000 careers were fulfilled in the trucking industry which is an increase of over 3,000 careers since May!  Since January 2019,…

How to do truck pre-trip inspections

When it comes to performing a truck pre-trip inspection, making sure that everything is working properly is an extremely important step for driving safely. As required, a pre-trip inspection is meant to be done before every trip to prevent accidents…

What new truck drivers need to know about trucking

Being a new truck driver can be scary for rookies on the road. Especially, when drivers are unfamiliar with their surroundings and unsure of their basic training. Truck drivers have a lot of pressure on them to watch out for civilian drivers…